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Think Cherry Tree Sudbury School 


Monday – Friday   9:00 AM – 3:30 PM


(Part-time and Full-time available)



What is a Sudbury School?

In a Sudbury School, students take control of their Education. They choose and create classes that peak their interests. Each student decides what to do with their time, and in doing so learn through natural life experiences instead of through constant coursework. As a Sudbury School, we are run by a direct democracy where students and teachers are equals. We vote together on everything we do which could range from “what game to play?” to “what classes we should create?”. The sky is the limit! All age groups work together to guide and inspire each other. While each Sudbury School is different they all run on the foundation of freedom, trust, respect, and responsibility.



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Private Tutoring and Music Lessons are available to Kindergarten through 12th grade! 

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